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Welcome To HarryHan!

Get Every Single Solutions.

Welcome To HarryHan!

Brief History

Harry Han Technologies Ltd., is a multi-facet General Merchandize firm licensed by Cooperate Affairs Commission (C.A.C.). Over 90years, and wide surveys, syndicated participation in business trade fairs, business conference, symposia etc in Russia, China, United Kingdom, USA etc.
HARRY HAN TECHNOLOGIES LTD., has acquired immense experience which in no small measure has given us an unrivalled leverage expended in contributing to Human Resource Development, and Urban/Rural Development in Nigeria. Harry Han Technologies Ltd., has professional management teams that have contributed immensely to the growth of the economy in Nigeria and the company itself in general. As new challenges emerged especially in the recent trend of technology, Harry Han Technologies Ltd., recognized the need to reposition our management team to meet the need and challenges of the emerging trends in technology. HARRY HAN TECHNOLOGIES LTD., a member of HARRY HAN GROUP OF COMPANIES., has a work force of highly reputable, experienced consultants and personnel who have brought their experience to bear in placing the organization in the enviable position it occupies today.

Core Services

Harry Han Technology Ltd.

This is a technology driven ccompany and one of the few companies in Nigeria that foresaw the pandemic and prepared alongside companies in Russia and China to find lasting solution of living with and managing the pandemic in Africa. Harry Han came up with disinfectants and wipes.

Harry Han International Ltd.

Harry Han International Ltd deals on alternative energy such as solar, panels, inverter, batteries. Harry han has had a great thing for civil works. Over the years and Harry Han has put her immense experienced workforce team to acquire an accurate expectation in all our construction.

Radio Internet & Phone services

Deals with telecommunication, phone designs, distribution and sales. Likewise internet services, vsat etc


Harry Han is into agric-solutions and an borrower to CBN. Harry Han has over 5000 hit waiting to activated in ophera, Musopia, Jesse in Delta State.